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Black cotton

Black cotton - 🌈inspired and in honor the trans community, especially black trans women.

Not many people understands all the suffering and the oppression black trans women suffer and what is the meaning of being trans in this world full of hate. Every day trans women are killed all over the world just for being themselves. for not feeling identify with the body they were born in.

I got the inspiration for this piece when i was watching a Drag queens show with a couple os heterosexual friend, and a dear friend o mine said to me “i do like gay people, but i don’t like trans and drag queen because that is ridiculous” to which i replied “they are normal people just like you and me and their inner battle is constant and even more difficult for them than to us".

It took me time and a lot or reading to understand (i’m still learning) and i want to share some of that knowledge with some of you.

In a world full of hate, we need to give more love 🎉

Black cotton

Black cotton

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